# Question Answer
1 After having saved _________ years, the Clark family could see their dream come true.    long  for  since
2 They _____ ready to travel from Scotland to start a new life.    was  been  were
3 They wanted to start a new life ____ America.    on  at  in
4 Their plans fell through when they were told they ____ not be able to travel.    could  had  would
5 The father watched the ship, that he hoped would _____ them to a new life, as it left.    move  take  bring
6 While watching the ship leave, he wondered _____ his family would ever make the journey.    why  how  if
7 However, soon _____ he realized how lucky his family actually was.    since  after  until
8 A few days later the family made a discovery while they ______ the newspaper.    read  have read  were reading
9 They found out that the ship they _____ to take was called Titanic!    wanted  wanting  would
10 The Earth is the only _____ we know of in the universe that can support human life.    situation  place  position
11 The human activities of the western world ______ on consuming the world's resources.    keep  repeat  follow
12 Unfortunately, half of the world's population does so _____ in order to stay alive.    just  for  entirely
13 We are rapidly destroying the ____ resources we have.    alone  only  individual
14 Everywhere fertile soil is ______ being built on or being washed into the sea.    sooner  neither  either
15 Renewable sources are exploited so much that they will never be able to recover ______.    greatly  utterly  completely
16 We discharge pollutants _______ the atmosphere without thinking about the consequences.    into  through  across
17 As a _______, the planet's ability to support people is being reduced    reaction  result  product
18 The Earth's ______ resources are there for us to use.    real  genuine  natural
19 If we are sensible towards how we use the resources they will ____ indefinitely.    last  go  remain
20 After weeks of worry, a farmer _____ the north of England was very happy yesterday.    at  in  to