If you are a tenured teacher you can spend the 500 Euro bonus with us

Individual Courses is the best solution for the client who requires flexibility in terms of time and days of attendance. The results that can be obtained, following the lessons consistently, are significantly higher than group courses because the time factor allows you to intensify the program, reaching the goal more quickly. Generally you plan your meetings of at least 2 teaching units (1 unit is equal to 45 minutes) with total flexibility. The same structure is also applicable to the COMBINED course (up to 4 people) which offers the opportunity to reduce the cost, while maintaining the quality.

All courses are carried out based on direct and continuous contact in the language with the reference teacher: the aids are in fact used only outside the lessons to consolidate and verify the notions learned and are not included in the cost / training. We will proceed with direct language dialogues, from the first meetings, to the immediate improvement of oral comprehension and to the setting of the ability to express oneself correctly; After the first lessons, also based on the client's assimilation of the program, it will be possible to use audio / video supports to improve conversation skills. the didactic plan can be customized using material or deepening topics in the language that the students use in their professional field. Particular attention is given to the acquisition of greater familiarity in speaking and understanding the language.