Business Workshop and Interprofessional Funds

We are able to support you in the search for adequate funding thanks to a partnership with an expert fund-raising company

We have designed a catalog of seminars aimed at improving comprehension and expression skills in a foreign language, dedicated to those who have already acquired a good linguistic autonomy. Together with the cultural deepening on wide-ranging issues, it offers the opportunity to keep the practice of the foreign language alive. For each area, a scheme of topics has been developed that the client can choose to improve his / her linguistic and managerial aptitude. The seminars are suitable for groups of at least 4 people with intensive or standard modules. Two individual modules have been structured only for the Effective Communication area.
Our network allows us to cover the entire national territory and our offer allows us to combine business potential - respecting the scalability needs of the solutions offered - with research and technological innovation, in this way the L4biz becomes a partner of the company both in basic training and in the design of solutions with high added value.

Personnel selection
We can assist the company in verifying the candidate's language skills during the internal selection of personnel.

Interprofessional funds
We offer companies the opportunity to thoroughly analyze training needs by proposing different solutions and interventions and exploring the possibility of presenting some training projects that involve a reduced cost for the company based on interprofessional funds. What are the Joint Interprofessional Funds These are joint bodies to which companies can freely register by requesting that INPS be transferred the mandatory payment of 0.30% that each company has paid since 2004 for each employee. The Joint Interprofessional Funds will finance the training activities for the workers of the member companies according to the resources received. Some funds are specifically dedicated to the continuous training of managers (Fondir and Fondirigenti) and others to the training of employees (Fondipresa, For.te, Fapi, etc.).
There are two ways to access funding:
Individual training vouchers that can be used for enrollment in inter-company training courses (eg Fondir, Fondirigenti and Forte);
Company training plans that can be financed through notices or, for some funds, using the training and / or individual company account made up of the resources set aside.