Schools and Universities

For many years we have been supporting some public schools in the province of Pavia with our mother tongue readers.

Lectorate and courses C.L.I.L.
They are support courses, to be carried out in the morning or afternoon, which aim at language enhancement, with particular attention to the understanding and communication of the foreign language. The main feature is the possibility of planning in the medium term (for the two-year or three-year period) the consolidation of the generally acquired linguistic bases, obtaining a real and easier ability to communicate and understand the foreign language.

With the Lettorato, action is focused on the linguistic aspect of language teaching: teachers in fact work directly to allow an improvement in the spoken language to be achieved, starting from the grammatical and lexical notions that students acquire during the course of the lessons. regular. Therefore, the activity of conversation, reading and understanding, as well as oral expression will be privileged. It is therefore of fundamental importance for the success of the course to establish a relationship of close collaboration with the teachers of reference, in order to be able to structure the work on the "living language", based on the knowledge that the students have gained in the course. of the lessons. If it is also necessary to provide support in illustrating the grammatical contents, it will be possible to agree on a program that provides for a more specific integration to the teaching of tenured teachers.